Kim Barr

Owner / Business Developer

Hi I am Kim Barr and you’ve probably already guessed I love online marketing.

In 2012 I started, Set The Barr – Online Marketing. I saw an opportunity to help small business gain visibility through a niche that was barely being tapped into for businesses – social media. My journey began with studying and training with some of the top social media experts in the industry.

We have evolved with social media over the years. The Set the Barr team has invested a lot of time, education and training into our skill set. We work with you to strategically create and manage an online presence for your businesses. We create an audience of interest to your business while customizing and targeting your marketing message and providing the highest standard and quality.

We have worked with dozens of clients in various industries and various size businesses – from car dealers, spas, accommodations, restaurants, home builders, real estate and more.

ARE YOU READY? Ready to leverage our knowledge and skills to create more VISIBILITY AND CREDIBILITY in your business. Let’s get started.

Lindsay Pennell

Digital Content Manager

Hi, I am Lindsay Pennell, I joined Set the Barr, contributing copy writing, social media, and blogging skills. I have a business, marketing, and communications background, have worked in various media settings, as well as on a municipal stage in a business and tourism aspect. Through Set the Barr, I feel I have gained a wealth of experience and knowledge on various social media platforms with an expert focus and passion for Twitter and content writing.

My personal and professional work allow me to give clients a very large scope of experience and often a creative and personal touch on their marketing campaigns. I enjoy attending social media and blogging conferences on a regular basis to continuously build my skill-set and maintain the relationships I have built over the past few years in the industry. Working for Set the Barr has been an incredible journey and a privilege and I can only hope that through my work, my clients see my love for the social media game!

Jessica Morin

Marketing Assistant

I’m Jessica Morin, a public relations and marketing professional fueled by curiosity, creativity and new opportunities. After graduating, I started my career in Ottawa working for a non-profit. While gaining experience in improving brand image through designing and implementing strategies, campaigns and events, I was able to get to know all kinds of different businesses, but more importantly learn from the people running them.

While I love content writing, my favourite is creating captivating graphics that are able to show a message that words can’t. I am very excited to join Set the Barr and work with you to create a strategic online presence for your business! I’m passionate about community involvement, and helping businesses successfully promote their image and brand. In my spare time, you can find me with friends, exploring the city or researching the latest marketing trends.