5 Free Simple Ways to Get Noticed on Social Media

Get Noticed on Social Media

Online marketing is where it’s at.

Social media is a powerful tool to market yourself and get noticed both online and offline. With so much content out there, it is often hard for a business or individual, especially if they are just starting out, to get noticed on social media. Here are 5 ways to harness the power of social media and boost your visibility online.

Know your audience

This is something you will want to know as a business owner anyway. Who is your target market? What are they interested in? If you know who you are trying to reach you will be able to populate your account with content that will inform and engage potential customers. If you don’t know who you want to attract it is impossible to create the specific content needed to get the recognition you want.

Be creative

Once you know who you want to attract you need to come up with a way to disseminate quality content through your platforms. While you want to make sure to stick to your niche don’t be afraid to be creative. A yoga instructor would want to post tips about yoga but might also share content related to health, nutrition and general well-being. Keep on top of current events and post about that. Not EVERYTHING you post has to be directly related to your business. Sharing other people’s content is also a great way to get noticed and form relationships online.

Use visuals

Using photos and video is a great way to attract followers. It has been proven that visuals get more engagement than text alone on most social media platforms. A photo or video will catch the eye of someone who would have otherwise kept scrolling through their feed. Take the time to create simple and attractive visuals that embody what your business is all about. Facebook and Instagram stories are also a great way to engage with people online and share what is going on in your business in real time. Keep in mind video remains #1 content for 2019.

Use emotion

Posts that make people feel something generally get a lot more engagement. The site Upworthy’s Facebook content is full of good news stories that evoke a sense of emotion. Just by sharing these stories their content garnered 200 million views in 2016 alone. Think of the posts that make you think and feel and try to recreate that in a way that is applicable to your business. Sharing emotion also shows vulnerability and makes you and your business more relatable to potential customers. Create an emotional connection whenever you can.

5 Simple Tips for Getting Noticed, Get noticed on social media

Be consistent

Make sure you set out a schedule that you can stick with. The content of the posts is important but so is consistency. If you post a lot one week but then disappear for a month this is not going to help you garner the views and followers you want. Figure out what works for you and get organized by creating a content schedule. You can also use 3rd party apps to help you schedule out content. That way you can schedule well thought-out, quality posts ahead of time.


Bonus tip

Social media is meant to be social so get out there and socialize. Engage with those that have taken the time to comment, like or share one of your posts. Ask questions and solicit feedback from your followers. Acknowledge all testimonials, and yes any negative feedback you might receive.


Of course, strategically using paid advertisements on social media will also help you reach more people. You know the pay to play thing. Wherever you decide to start, these five tips will go a long way to creating helping you out.

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