The Rise of Digital Media

Is It The End Of Traditional Print as Digital Media Takes Over?

In a CBC news report, Postmedia announced a major shift in print media, quoting “the fate of almost all papers is the same — they’re destined to be closed either immediately or soon.” This comes as no shock, as earlier this year Wenner Media announced the sale of Men’s journal.

There’s been a double-digit decline in print advertising for a few years.

Is it the end of traditional Media as Digital Media takes over?
An increasingly digital world is making it harder for print media to compete. We’ve watched this traditional form try to evolve by combining both digital and print over the past decade, but is that enough? Apparently not, after all, reading the news online is more convenient than reading the newspaper. Having said that, there is still a generation that likes to hold a physical paper or magazine.

There is no denying digital media is more convenient., “Statistic presents the digital population worldwide as of April 2017. As of the measured period, 3.81 billion people were active internet users and 2.91 billion were social media users”.

So where does that leave advertisers? The way I see it, advertisers will now have better measurement and insight on how their ads are performing. Instead of estimating how many people may have seen their ad, they can tell who has taken action making it easier to streamline targeting and potentially increase sales.

It is not really clear if print media will completely die off or not, but one thing we can all agree on is that times are changing and there are more changes to come.

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