Email Marketing Is Still King

Email Marketing is Still King

With more people utilizing online marketing (in its many forms) we are inundated with a lot of information. How do you make sure that you’re not adding to the noise, and giving your clients what they want and need? Having an email marketing strategy is a great way to reach your demographic and can provide you with feedback and statistical data.


Building your email database

In order to utilize email marketing, you need to have your current and potential clients email addresses. A great way to do this is a giveaway! You can use your website to host a contest page where people can enter (by submitting their email) and use your social media to promote your contest. You can also ask people to sign up when they are in your storefront or when you meet them at trade-shows and events. It can take time to build an extensive list, but it is well worth it and will help with your overall sales funnel. Lastly, but important – when you start to build your list, you will want to keep an updated CRM/database that you can easily access and use to mass email.


Finding the right program

Now that you’ve built your list, you need to decide which email program you want to use to reach your target. There is a wide variety on the market, such as AWeber, MailChimp, and Drip. Most allow you to create content inside the program (design colourful eye-catching graphics and provide you with newsletter-type templates) and are either free or have a sliding scale of price points that can adjust to your list and budget. A bonus to these programs is that most have built-in statistics and will be able to monitor how many open the email and take action to your website if linked.


The right content

Marketers must now own the complete journey of the customer lifecycle, not just think about cherry-picking touchpoints along the way. The end goal is no longer to simply convert a lead into a customer. It’s about maximizing the lifetime value of loyal customers who will come back again and again. There are various ways to do this, including newsletters with current industry information, promotions, and incentives for your clients, and freebies such as webinars or other training tools. The updated sales funnel approach is demonstrated in the graphic below:

Email Marketing is King


One thing is clear- Email marketing is still King when it comes to reaching a wide audience and it doesn’t appear to be changing any time soon.

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