Five Business Trends We Will See in 2019

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During the months of December and January, we often hear a lot about new year resolutions. These are often goals set out for personal and sometimes, professional growth. From these emerging trends, we are able to analyze and project what popular business goals and ideas people will be focused on for the year ahead. Below, we highlight five areas that we will see a shift and focus on this year:

The Importance of Health and Wellness Benefits

Whether it is the flood of millennials entering the workforce, or a new way of looking at how we spend our time, more and more employees are looking for employment that offers health and wellness benefits to fit their lifestyle. Over the past decade, families were having fewer children, due to increased work hours and a less affordable economy. Fast forward to 2019, with most entering the workforce citing vacation, medical and wellness benefits to the top of compensation requirements. The message is clear- downtime, personal and family wellness is important. Companies that can offer these incentives to their employees are a step ahead of the competition.

The Rise of The Remote Worker

Along with health and wellness, flexibility is a growing demand. More employees (and employers!) are looking for the ability to work from not just home but from anywhere. Skeptics have been concerned that more time away from the office would result in less productivity and employee focus, however – the complete opposite has been proven. When employees have more flexibility, they book appointments and social engagements around work, feel less stressed and can lead a more balanced and overall happy lifestyle.

Charities, Giving Back,

Giving Back Locally

Although successful companies often grow in both profit and size, the most successful ones stay humble and give back to their local communities and causes. This has been happening for a while, but really caught hold near the end of 2018 and into the new year. We are seeing international companies give back to smaller organizations with a more localized approach. This is a great way to connect with your demographic and pay homage to your roots while building purpose and a positive team atmosphere within your business.

Augmented Reality is Hitting the Workplace

With the advancement of technology, companies have to get creative in how they reach their end client, but also in how they train their current employees. Many are taking to Augmented Reality (AR) to bring the training to the workplace! Gone are the days of expensive field trips, night schools and bringing trainers in – now companies are utilizing the newest technology in their own space! Imagine crane operators, long-haul drivers and tradespeople, upgrading from the comfort of their desk.

Increased Use of Freelance & Contract Workers

Hiring freelancers can be a huge benefit for both companies and the people they hire. You’ll see this human resources trend become more widely adopted, as organizations can hire freelancers with specific skill sets for one-time projects affordably, rather than hiring a full-time staff member or training existing staff to gain those skills.

Companies can avoid paying permanent wages and covering the costs of benefits, while freelance or workers can choose to take on as much work as they’d like and set their own schedules. The result is a win-win situation for both parties.

What is your business doing this year to keep ahead of the curve? Will you embrace these trends or look to make your own? Take time to look into what is happening in your industry and be open to trying new things – you ever know where it will take you or your business

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