Getting Started With LinkedIn

What to consider when “Getting Started with LinkedIn”.

Have you heard this before, “If you’re in business, then you need to be on LinkedIn”. The challenge that many people face is having the time to properly use their LinkedIn profile and then try and manage their page. People struggle with things like, should we have a business page or use our personal profile for our business. Just like various other social media platforms, there are pros and cons to either.

Below, we will discuss the pros of the company profile and how to get started.

Company Page

Some of the benefits to a company page is having the ability to run sponsored ads, promote your best content, branding and achieve focused targeting. LinkedIn ads can be extremely robust at targeting high-quality traffic in a short period of time.  You can also link together all your employees on LinkedIn who have listed your company as their current position. This is great organic exposure, especially for large companies with many employees, your Company Page becomes a clickable link from within each personals profile. And last, but not least, LinkedIn company pages are extremely SEO-friendly. Ensure you are selecting keywords that your ideal clients are likely to search when looking for your services and strategically place them throughout your description. Google will also pull these through and it will assist in positive overall internet Search Engine Optimization.

When setting up your company page, ensure your logo is used as the profile picture (consistent with all of your other online presence), then add your company description. You have 2,000 characters and should use as many as possible with keyword rich sentences so it flows properly and like a conversation. You will have an opportunity to create separate pages for your products so the description should just focus on your company’s mission and brand, providing an overview of your offerings.

Next, you want to add visuals to your company profile. You have two primary ways to make your company page visually compelling. First, you can upload your logo (300 x 300 pixels), which will also show up in the experience sections of your employees’ profiles if linked. It also shows up in the LinkedIn results when people search for your company. The second visual component is your banner (646 x 220 pixels). This is a great way to add the proverbial thousand words to your description without bulking up the copy. The banner is your prime advertising space, which you can switch up regularly to promote the latest news, sales and messaging.

If you click the pen icon on the right-hand side, you will have various options to edit and add more information. It looks like this:

LinkedIn Description

Toggle your way through the various tabs and complete the information required. Setting up the page initially can be time-consuming but the more you dive into LinkedIn the better it is for your business.

Hopefully, this article has given you enough information to get started. Feel free to follow us on our LinkedIn page.

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