Have a Quality Social Media Presence over Quantity

Have a Quality Social Media Presence over Quantity

Have a quality social media presence over quantity. Here is why.

Over the past 5-10 years, online marketing has really upped its game. There has been an evolution from the website, email marketing, to social media best practices. It can be difficult to keep up with the technology as it changes and try to focus on running your business. Many companies either hire an employee or outsource their marketing entirely, in order to meet the demands. What is important here – is that whatever you choose to do, that it is done correctly and in a professional manner.

Choosing the right platform

Okay, so you know you NEED to be on social media, but you’re not sure WHERE you need to be. This can be confusing to many and a reason we see companies have a presence on all platforms, but not necessarily keep up to date with them. This is a huge error and you want to avoid it. Start with one, maybe two platforms and do them well. Doing your market research on where your clients are “hanging out” online is important. Your marketing company can help you with this. Once you have decided which platforms you will use, you should create a plan, complete with a social media content calendar. This allows you to map out your posts and track what works for you and what doesn’t yield results.


It is important to use social media as an extension of your overall marketing plan. You want continuity of your brand so that people identify you online easily. This helps build a relationship and trust with your followers – as they know what they are getting every time. Consistency online doesn’t have to mean the same post across platforms, in fact – it shouldn’t. Each platform has its own unique style and demographic, but the overall message should be clear and concise – aligning with your overall marketing efforts.

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Engagement and Personality

Something to keep in mind while using social media is that these platforms are meant to be SOCIAL. Traditional marketing often sees a polished version of your business, and while you always want to remain professional, you can lighten up and have a little more fun on social media. Allow your personality and tone to shine through, engage with your followers and enjoy the online relationships you’re building with others. This allows you to stand out and be remembered by those seeking your products and services.

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