8 Questions to Ask Before You Signup for Instagram.

I am often asked, “Do you think we should be on Instagram”.

Of course, I would like to say yes, but, here are 8 questions to ask yourself first.

1. Business vs Personal. Should I set up a personal account or business one? What is the difference? Bottom line, if you are a business you should register as a business and help customers connect with your business.

2. Have you done a marketing analysis and considered who your target market is and where they are hanging out?

3. Have you figured out what you want to get from Instagram? What are your goals and expectations?

4. Do I want my page to be private or public? If you are not planning on making it public then don’t waste your time setting up a business account.

5. Will you be using Instagram for storytelling? Stories let you share all the moments of your day. The stories only last 24 hours but you can add text, add special effects and it will also show you who is watching your stories. Here are some great tips from cnet. Now think of all the ways you can use Instagram stories to promote your business.

6. There are advantages such as Instagram Insights. Insights provide you with important data such as, the gender of your followers, the age demographic, where they are from, which posts are performing well and, what time of your followers are on Instagram.

7. Do plan on using Instagram to advertise and promoting your posts. Before you jump in, have a plan, what is your objective, who is your target audience, what is your budget and how long do you plan on running the promotion.

8. Do you have an online strategy and database of photos and videos? This would go a long way seeing as Instagram is so visual.

Here is a Step-by-Step Guide to creating a Business Profile.

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