Is LinkedIn The Next Facebook?

Is Linked In Trying to Be Like Facebook?

LinkedIn, the social-networking site for professionals has announced it is introducing ‘reaction buttons’ as another way for users to express themselves. Similar to the ‘like’ button in Facebook or the retweet button in Twitter, LinkedIn users can now click ‘celebrate’, ‘curious’, ‘insightful’ and ‘love’ buttons as a way to engage with a broad network of people.

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Ricardo Rivera, a product designer at LinkedIn, said the buttons were created after his company heard from Linkedin members that they “wanted more.” The new buttons will allow users to gauge the impact of their posts. “They want to know why someone “liked” what they shared, as well as more lightweight ways to express that a post resonated with them,” Rivera said in a post on LinkedIn last month.

While social media users will be familiar with the ‘like’ button, a tool LinkedIn has had for a few years, the “curious”, “celebrate” and “insightful” buttons add an interesting new twist to the way we can communicate on the site.

Here’s a breakdown of the new buttons and tips on how to use them:

Celebrate: Clicking on the green clapping hands is an easy way to congratulate someone on a new job, graduation, project completion or if a new employee joins your team. It’s a much more genuine and professional reaction to a colleague or associate’s career milestone than simply using the ‘like’ button.

Curious: Similar to Facebook’s ‘interested’ button, the curious button allows users to express interest in job postings, events or news about a company start-up. It could especially come in handy for those in the human resources field. Recruiters can see who is has expressed curiosity in a job notification, view their profile, and reach out to them privately with more information or invite them to apply formally.

Insightful: This button is a perfect way to show you find someone’s post engaging, helpful or just good advice. It’s a tool to encourage the sharing of new ideas, trends and out-of-the-box thinking within the professional world.

Love: This button is somewhat of an outlier in the bunch, given that ‘loving’ a post is perhaps going overboard for a professional networking site. But maybe not. Like the name suggests, this button is best used to show that one more-than-likes a connection’s news about a promotion or article they have shared or an exciting new hire. While some might find the expression over-the-top, with all the negativity online these days, maybe we could all share a little more love.

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