Social Media is Getting The Royal Treatment

Prince Harry and Meghan Markel are making a splash

Social Media Is Getting The Royal Treatment! Open any social media platform lately and Prince Harry and Meghan Markel are splashed over every article, poll and even ads – all in the name of social engagement. First came news of the pair dating, then speculation of the seriousness of the relationship and now the announcement of the engagement. It has been a year of happy news for the couple, but who is really benefitting from the coverage and how is social media playing a part in the Royal engagement?

The newly engaged couple aren’t the only Royals who are making news headlines over the past few years. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and their two children (soon to be three) have been dominating the news cycle since their early courtship in 2003. The ring, the wedding (and the crazy coverage of sister Pipa Middleton’s famous derriere in her Bridesmaid’s dress), the birth of Prince Henry, Charlotte and now the birth of their third child – have all captivated audiences worldwide. But how are these young Royal’s using social media to connect with the world and deliver important messages?

Prince Harry and Meghan announce their engagement. Is there going to be a Royal wedding?
The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry have all been speaking openly about mental health, support for veterans, the world aids crisis and even morning sickness – allowing them to reach not only social media’s biggest users, Millennials, but span across various age demographics and communicate using various mediums. Press conferences are being delivered on news Facebook pages using Facebook Live, Instagram Stories, and even Snapchat. How we are consuming information is changing at a rapid rate, and the Royal family seems to be on top of their social media game.

Who else is benefitting from coverage of this popular family? Online business is. They are now able to host various ads and clickbait about their audience’s favourite topics, as a draw to get you to end up on their websites and social pages. Fake news is being generated at an alarming rate, to show “conversion rates” and “click-throughs” on advertising campaigns – all in name of the mighty bottom line. How does one sift through the rubble to get updates from Kensington Palace directly? You can follow them on all of their platforms and engage directly, learning about daily operations, social events, and causes that are of special interest to the Royal Family – all because social media brings them to your doorstep!

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