How Your Business Can Survive in the World of Social Media

Survive in the World of Social Media

Business today is not like it was fifty years ago, with word of mouth being your best advertisement or with an ad in the Saturday paper attracting thousands of eyes on your service or product. Business isn’t even the same as it was TEN years ago, as more brick and mortar stores are taking to the online world to reduce overhead costs and to have a presence where their consumers are. So how do you survive social media and extend your overall online presence? Here are 3 easy steps:

  1. Your Website is Your Storefront

For some businesses, it is still important to have a physical location (for product storage or logistical reasons) but many are opting out of Brick and Mortar for a further reach online and to save those high overhead costs. If this is the case, your website and your social media will be your storefront. The cost of an up-to-date and efficient website can scare some business owners away, but this is an investment in your company and the first impression consumers will have of you. It is imperative to hire a reputable company that can provide you with references and an updated portfolio. You will want to discuss Search Engine Optimization (SEO), accessibility requirements and the possibility of an e-commerce option (to allow clients to purchase online if that is part of your business model). Your website is where you will host your content and use various other tools (like social media below) to push out and reach the end client.

  1. Email Marketing is Still King

Building your email database is still relative and important. Some will argue that the majority of people send their mass emails to spam, but a vast base of clients still prefers to receive their information through email. If you are having a sale, have company news or want to add value to your services by educating your client, this is an excellent way to reach them. There are various programs you can utilize to send graphic-based emails that are designed to encourage a response and gauge interest. Some popular ones are Mail Chimp, GetResponse, AWeber, Drip, and Constant Contact. Be sure whatever you choose to use this in conjunction with your social media marketing.


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  1. Have a Quality Social Media Presence over Quantity

Ever heard the saying “walk before you run”? That holds true with social media platforms. It is VERY important to start out with one, maybe two and do them well. You want your social media to be a professional reflection of your company while staying in-line with your branding, tone, and message. If your company has a presence on social media, you want to ensure your clients are engaging with your business and are being responded to, if they are asking questions. One of the biggest issues with social media is that most companies are so busy running their business, they often don’t have time. It is also expensive to hire an employee to strictly run your online presence and social media campaigns, so many source an outside company to handle this aspect for them. Which social media platform(s) you choose to be on will depend on your business, marketing plan desired outcomes and where your clients are spending their time. Your Social Media Manager can best advise you on this.

This can all seem overwhelming at first, especially while you focus on your day-to-day business. Some businesses are also cautious about jumping into the online world, for fear of negative experiences or losing touch with that one-on-one customer service experience that they provide their clients. Don’t Panic! Being online with social media is a great way to reach and engage your clients, be accessible for them to ask their questions, share educational information and address any concerns they may have. It’s also important to note that you can still follow-up with your clients in person or via phone call as an additional added service if that is their preference.

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