The Mythical Creature Known as The Work Life Balance

The Mythical Creature Known as

The Work-Life Balance

As entrepreneurs, we understand that there’s a sacrifice, long hours and hard work involved – but we often strive to find that mythical creature, known as the work-life balance. We have deadlines that must be met in order to achieve the next step and with time as a precarious element that we often need more of – how do we reign in the never-ending tasks and achieve balance? Here are some tips to help:

Setting Limits that you can work within

Put family events on a weekly calendar and keep a daily to-do list in your planner. Having a plan helps you maintain focus. When you don’t manage your time, it’s easy to be sucked into the plans and priorities of others. Learning to say no is also important. Whether it’s a someone in your network asking you to spearhead an extra project or your child’s teacher asking you to organize a class party, remember that it’s OK to respectfully say no. When you quit accepting tasks out of guilt or a false sense of obligation, you’ll have more time for activities that are meaningful to you personally, and your business.

Manage your time

Prioritize tasks that need to be done and delegate the ones that your team can handle. Consistent and continual communication is the key to task delegation and time management. You don’t need to micro-manage, just check in occasionally on projects that you’ve passed along. This will help you focus on other work duties that need your attention, freeing up more time for personal obligations.

Reduce email access

This can be a tough one for many, especially as an entrepreneur. Your business is everything to you and emails are a great way to stay on top of important information. It’s important to reduce the amount of time you check your email. It is recommended to not check more than three times a day — late morning, early afternoon and late in the day. If you access email first thing in the morning, you tend to focus on and respond to other people’s issues rather than being proactive about your own needs.

Work Live Balance for Entrepreneurs. Avoiding the Burnout

Keep an Eye Out for Burnout

It is important to keep an eye on your mental and physical health – which is often overlooked when we are focused on the job. It is also important as an employer, and part of your responsibility is to look after your employees’ well-being, in addition to just their job performance. A key part of this is learning to spot burnout. Chances are, your employees aren’t going to admit to you directly that they’re feeling overworked or stressed (they don’t want you thinking they can’t handle their job, after all). This means that most of the time, it will probably be up to you to recognize when your employees need more balance. Signs can include excessive absenteeism, increased error rates, and clear physical exhaustion.

Overall, make time to check in with yourself. Success will only be long-lasting if you give yourself and those around you, the proper care.

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