Why You’re Not Being Noticed On LinkedIn

Wondering why you are not showing up on LinkedIn?
There are several different reasons you might not show up in a search on LinkedIn. For example, have you checked to make sure your profile is set to “Public”? Have you gone through and connected with others? Have you Invited people you know from your contact list or joined groups inside LinkedIn? Did you claim your URL?

These are just a few things to look for. But keep in mind, when building your profile, you must remember to use keywords associated with your industry. However, you need to be careful as keywords are not as important in your summary as they are in your profile.

Why am I not showing up on Linkedin
You want to pay attention to your location. Companies will search based on location when they are looking for something specific or close to their geographic location. Be sure to add a little bit about your experience along with your put something that identifies what you can do that might separate you from the rest of your competitors. And be cautious as what you list your title as. Never put yourself down as owner. Have you ever known anyone to search for an owner?

LinkedIn is no different from any other social media site, including Google. Everything we do on the internet is indexed. That’s is right. From the trip, you’ve been researching, to the home builders floor plans or those awesome shoes you were just looking at.

Although it is a nice ego boost to think you are showing up when someone searches you, it really doesn’t matter without any content on your profile page. You need to have.… are you ready? A professional headshot. Seriously I can’t get over the number of people that have some random headshot and they are supposed to be CEO’s, VP’s, ED’s of a company. But it is not just those titles, everyone should have a professional headshot. This is not your personal Facebook page.

Included with your headshot you need to have your profile 100% completed. Your last two jobs or more if you jump around a lot, your education, awards and certifications you’ve received. Any boards you sit on or volunteer work you’ve done. Anything less than 100% is affecting your search results.

In the summary of your profile, it is best used by telling people what you can do for them. Solve a problem here. Give them a taste of your value while creating just enough interest so they will have to reach out and ask you more questions. Again, use some keywords here.

Ask for an introduction. LinkedIn has made it easier to reach out to people. If you don’t have an email for that person you are trying to connect with, reach out one of your connections that does and ask them for an introduction.

Why am I not showing up on Linkedin
Be sure to post articles and/or videos consistently so you are being seen and be sure to use your company logo and colour branding when possible.

There are a lot of ways to make sure your LinkedIn profile is working for you. If you need help feel free to reach out to us or comment below.

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