Your Website is Your Storefront

Your Website is Your Storefront! In our last article, we touched on three very important pillars of business’ surviving in the online world. The first one was the importance of having a website, with or without having a physical business location. Let’s take a deeper look into what type of website you may require for your business and how to achieve optimal results.

When you develop your business plan, which should encompass a detailed marketing plan, the main focus is on the creation of your company website. This can be a powerful tool if utilized correctly. Some questions to ask yourself are:

  1. Does my website need to give consumers the ability to shop online? If the answer is YES – then you need to discuss an E-Commerce site. With recent data showing the upcoming generations doing more shopping online, this may be a valuable option to have. If you opt out of a brick and mortar store, this will be essential to your business.

Online Shopping

  1. Will my website be more pictorial based? If you feel that your product is best highlighted using photography, make sure you choose a style that focuses on this and that you hire a professional photographer to capture the angles and quality needed for a website. You will also want to remember that updated photos will be required semi-annually, in order to achieve optimal Search Engine Optimization (SEO) results. This may seem costly at first, but investing in a good website could prove to be profitable if your product or service moves.
  1. Will my website have a fair amount of text? If the answer is yes, and your planning on educating and informing your clients through a series of articles, blogs or just pages of information, you will want to ensure your copy is professional and geared to website writing (which is different than regular articles or journalism style). Accessibility, continuity, and style are important factors here and will give your site a passing or fail grade to consumers alike.
  1. How am I going to bring people to my website? This is a question often overlooked and many have the “if you build it, they will come” mentality. The reality is, online shopping and the internet as a whole, has become increasingly competitive for views. Google has the most complex algorithm in place to ensure only those who pay top dollar for prime space are seen first in their search engines. There are various legal ways around this, but it does take time, knowledge and best left to the professionals, while you run your business. Social media has become the best tool to take information from your website and push it out to the masses, using various platforms. If you are investing in a website – it is highly advisable to also invest in social media marketing, as the two are married, in order to give you the online presence you need to build your business.


There are other important factors to consider for your website once you have decided on the general theme. Layout, Branding, and size are a few things to discuss with your website designer. Make sure you take your time, look at different options and allow yourself to enjoy the creative process as well.

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